Dennie Smith commercial portrait shoot taken on June 5th 2018 at her home. Images for use in PR, advertising, social media, and website.

During lockdown, more and more people have turned to dating apps to meet prospective partners. Even when we return to normality and are able to meet up again in the park or a pub, dating apps will still have their part to play in introducing people to their soul mates or lifelong partners.

Not all dating apps are the same, some are best for serious relationships, some for casual dating, others match up over 50s or under 40s while others help busy people or romantics. 

Dennie Smith, a 59 year old grandmother from Surrey, has created a new dating app especially geared to ‘geeks’. 

Do you know how many single geeks are out there looking for love, friendship or companionship? If you are mad about dogs, passionate about sci-fi or obsessed with computers, then this new dating app is just for you! Geek Meet is the new dating app that will help you find another like-minded geek to share your love of Star Wars, train spotting, hiking or Scrabble!

Geek Meet offers the love-sick love-seeker the opportunity to find happiness with someone who will share his or her hobby. 

Dennie, who has been happily married to Graham for 36 years and has five children and a granddaughter, said: “Shared interests lay down a great foundation for strong and durable relationships, and are also a perfect conversation starter. Geek Meet is based on people being able to share their passions, allowing them to search for their ideal date based on their similar interests.”

Historically, geeks tended to be men, but women are also as passionate about hobbies and want to share them with other like-minded people with whom they can have an intelligent conversation. Having interesting passions and unique hobbies – even geeky ones – allegedly makes you super attractive and appealing as a smart and fascinating date!

For over 40 years, Dennie owned a hair salon but, two years ago, decided to create Old Style Dating to get her daughter away from a disreputable site and revive decent ethical dating again. “I had heard so many horror stories about other dating sites that I just wanted to put something out there that had decent traditional values.

“I am also a geek,” said Dennie. “I am passionate about history and I go on history trips all over the country, so understand how important it is to meet others with similar interests There are not many dating apps dedicated to geeks, so Geek Meet was born.”

The original Old Style Dating app had a name change to Traditional Dating Club and both were launched on 30th March this year. Dennie explained that both sites will be run with the same honesty and ethical values as Old Style Dating

“We are a family business and take a pride in the fact that all profiles are personally checked by a ‘human’ before going live, thus making sure that there are no inappropriate photographs and all biographies are completed.” 

Dennie’s dream vision is to make it possible for thousands to find love or companionship. 

“We want people to embrace their passion and feel comfortable expressing themselves whilst looking for a romantic connection.”

To find out more, visit: https://www.geekmeetapp.com/ and https://traditionaldatingclub.co.uk

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