…with London patisserie owner and head chef of Anges de Sucre, Reshmi Bennett who has most recently been accepted to sell in the Selfridges food hall and boasts fans of the likes of YouTuber Fleur de Force.

Miss Squiggles asked Reshmi about her work and passion and she learnt more about a day in her busy life…

04:30 – I hit the snooze button for 15 minutes

04:45 –I get out of bed to make a flask of filter coffee (Chemex is my favourite method, and currently I’m on Square Mile beans) while getting ready for the day.

05:30 – My husband and I grab the car to head to the kitchen in Park Royal to pick up all our freshly baked cakes, macarons and goodies for the shop, stockists and customer deliveries. He drives while I start checking enquiries and orders that have come through the previous evening and night (our online gift shop is popular for people based abroad sending gifts to friends & family based in the UK), check social media (okay I make it sound like work but I love Instagram!) and news.


09:00 – I’m back at the kitchen after deliveries to start the baking day with our tight team of chefs producing the next day’s orders and preparing for the days ahead. We also make time to experiment with 1 fun new thing – either a product or a flavour, as that’s a key part of our development strategy. Oh and since I tend to skip breakfast I’ll be gagging for a sandwich at some point and will nibble on macarons and cake tester scraps.


15:00 – I leave to head to the shop in Kensington to check in on the days goings ons and get updates on special enquiries or customer queries and lots of mundane tasks like checking stock and inventory levels, fixing broken stuff etc and catching up with the shop team.

17:00 – I head back home for some office hours where I check emails again and tick off some admin tasks before dinner.

19:00 – Dinner! As I’m so useless with feeding myself during the day we try to make an effort to cook something simple and healthy. My Friday night indulgence is either a filthy pizza or fish and chips.

21:30 – Bed-time to repeat.

My latest Instagram is of our cake production line-up!

It’s got a crazy number of likes and interaction!

In Roosevelt’s words, “Comparison is the thief of joy”


I’d add that it’s also the thief of creativity, independent thought, and progress. In these times it’s all too easy to get swept up in competitors’ social media feeds, press and hype and while it’s important to keep abreast of what’s going on in the industry I try to avoid the trap of comparing my business to others, ignore the hype, keep calm and prod along.

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