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On the first day of Christmas we met Sisters Grimm…

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Two dynamic entrepreneurs in the creative theatre and dance sector against adversity. Two young business women who have created some amazing shows and productions; And Two Women of the Future nominees.

On the first day of Christmas Miss Squiggles meets the new Andrew Lloyd Weber of their time, Ella Spira and Pietra Mello-Pittman, and she finds out that…

…a typical day at work is…

There is no such thing as a typical day. Every day is different which is what’s so good about running your own business. Having said that we do always stay up late or wake up early to get on the phone to each other and confirm the plan of action for the day. With so many different “to-dos”, we have to be clear we are on the same page. Our strategy when it comes to our to do list is generally: “just do it!”  We aim to divide the day (as much as possible) so that we balance our creative work with the business administration which we also manage.

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We could be working creatively on one of our theatrical productions or brand entertainment content campaigns which includes: writing the story, composing the music, storyboarding ideas for set and costumes, auditioning performers, meeting with and/or working with collaborators and filming in a studio or on location.

For the administrative side of our business we manage our accounts, contract staff and hire facilities and equipment, arrange visas for international artists and overseas productions and also arrange carnets for transporting film equipment and shows overseas.

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There is a lot of hard graft involved in running our business and we believe that part of our success has come from us not being precious, getting our hands dirty and knowing how to value and appreciate our team.

Our latest Instagram says…

Hear hear! Getting a fabulous hair cut at Trevor Sorbie and thoroughly agree!

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Being nominated for A Women of the Future award means…

It means so much to us to be nominated for a Women of the Future award alongside incredible successful women across diverse sectors in Britain. We are honoured to have recognition from such a prestigious body.

Find out more about Sisters Grimm by clicking here and don’t forget to visit Miss Squiggles tomorrow to find out about her second Christmas guest…


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