You know those moments when you have just left the office, you’re super hungry and there’s nothing to eat at home? Or when you are going to the cinema or theatre and are in need of a quick bite? Well, last week we visited a little new place that promises to offer a solution to these scenarios. We left the office, slicked on some gloss and headed straight to Barburrito.


We were kindly invited to a Burrito masterclass after we missed their launch (due to work committments) a month or so ago and this time, we were sure to attend. We were welcomed with nachos and cold drinks as the lovely manager chatted to us about the history of Barburrito and their philosophy which mainly revolves around fresh ingredients: this is fast food but not as you know it.


The Barburrito concept is pretty simple: you walk in and order your burrito at the counter as you choose your fillings and tailor your burrito exactly to your tastes. You pick a seat and unwrap, ready to enjoy your burrito. There are many delicious options to choose from with the great  taste being down to the freshness of the ingredients. In fact, picking our favourites was pretty difficult. You could say we were spoilt for choice:


As we snacked, we also practised rolling burritos the proper way. There is an actual technique to doing this which we will definitely try to recreate soon – mexican fiesta dinner party, anyone? We got pretty stuck in (hence Miss Squiggles’ concentrated face below) when we it came to finally making our burritos and loved showing off our skills once we were allowed a peak behind the counter.

11872782_977089705676356_1576581175_n (1)


Barburrito really is the perfect place for a quick pre theatre or cinema dinner: expect a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, grab a group of friends and head over there this weekend. Alternatively, if you’re running late, grab a quick burrito for a delicious and fresh weekday dinner. They have branches around the UK particularly in Manchester and London – for more info, you can find them here.




The Squiggles Team