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One night only at the Casablanca…

Sometimes we forget. We forget about the places we loved, the people we met…we lose track of time and get on with our lives forgetting about what we have left behind…the streets we use to take, the music we listened to…

The Casablanca, Image courtesy of Nick Sarebi

The Casablanca, Image courtesy of Nick Sarebi

The legendary Casablanca Club was an iconic music venue in Tiger Bay which attracted famous artists from all over the world. From 1965 exceptional performers, including Aretha Franklin, Jimmy Ruffin and Spandau Ballet, graced the stage of the Casablanca conquering a place in the heart of the Tiger Bay community and influencing South Wales’ music history.

Demolished in the 80s, the Casablanca will be celebrated with a powerful show at the Wales Millennium Centre for the first time.

This incredible one night only event will include live performances taking place over three stages and with music spanning over tree decades. The event will see the likes of Cardiff swinging jazz trio Bay Divas, Capital City Jazz Orchestra, BBC Wales Horizons band, Baby Queens, local DJ Keith Murrell and many more.

Inside the Casablanca. Image courtesy of Anthony Campell

Inside the Casablanca. Image courtesy of Anthony Campell

Miss Squiggles was lucky enough to chat with Hannah Wynn Jones, one of the great minds behind the event, and find out that…  

We will never see the Millennium Centre like this before…

“I expect you to have an amazing time, you will never seen the Millennium Centre like this before. We’re trying to recreate an atmosphere of the Casablanca. It’s a passionate memory for a place that celebrated diversity, welcomed everybody through their door and joined people together for the passion of their music. We are trying to remember the Casablanca, remember the diverse music that has come out of Tiger Bay and Butetown and make sure that the Millennium Centre is seen as a resource for people of Wales; to use it as a platform to showcase and debate for things that mean to you. One of the things that the Casablanca did was bringing people together so that’s why we chose it so that it will bring people together to celebrate the culture of Wales.”

…the Casablanca was…

“Diverse, welcoming and funky.”

Inside the Casablanca. Image courtesy of Anthony Campell

Inside the Casablanca. Image courtesy of Anthony Campell

…we are going to have a real mix of performers…

“We have gospel, soul, reggae, hip hop and everything in between. It’s a celebration of our local community…people with connection to the Casablanca, people who champion the diversity of our local community.”

…the Casablanca was not just a night club…

“Before it became the Casablanca Club it was the Bethel Chapel  and Ivor Novello was baptised there.”

…it’s vital to have events like this in Wales…

“For us as an organisation, it’s about being a resource for Wales.  We want to make sure everything we have is available.”

…yes, sometimes we forget but other times we are lucky enough to find great organisations like the Wales Millennium Centre…they act like a living memory institution and help you remember, remember the good past, remember phenomenal places…just like the Casablanca…

Night at the Casablanca is Wales Millennium Centre’s first official 10th Anniversary performance. For more information please visit 

 Miss Squiggles

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