L26 White T-Shirt in Organic Cotton with Ballerina


White t-shirt in organic cotton with L26 ballerina design

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L26 is a unisex organic wear collection inspired by the world of ballet. Follow their journey towards sustainable minimalism. Click here

-White T-Shirt in 100% Organic Cotton

-Logo Design on the front

-Ballerina Design on the back

Focusing on the exclusive use of high-quality organic material, L26 has worked tirelessly on the creation of the perfect white t-shirt. After going through a long manufacturing and designing process, L26 has revolutionised the white T-shirt concept bringing a more up to date, contemporary version to the 21st century.

The L26 t-shirt is the new must-have white t-shirt men and women must have in their closet. It’s simple yet exclusive and exudes elegance thanks to its straight, edgy lines.

Perfect for shorts, skirts or to use as an under-garment under blazers, the L26 t-shirt comes in 2 different versions and boasts a wonderful 100% organic cotton fabric.

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