Ischia has been one of our favourite holiday destinations for a long time. The island itself is vibrant yet away from the flash of nearby Capri – it’s not necessarily a place to see and be seen but very much the place where stars and influential people alike escape to find themselves or, why not, lose themselves.

We were delighted to see Ischia finally getting the attention it deserves in this Condé Nast Traveler Article which not only inspired this post but also manages to capture the island much better than we can. However, we couldn’t resist offering our own take on Ischia and thought we’d share fashion tips as well as our holiday addresses to make your visit truly unforgettable (just promise us you’ll keep the secret okay?).

Postcards From Ischia


To walk and sightsee, a light white dress is perfect to keep cool whereas this tote (made with Italian leather) is big enough to keep all your belongings safe. The sandals are an absolute must as they can be worn day and night whereas the swimsuit is perfect for boat trips and exploring. The scarf can be used as a beach cover up or light shawl in the evening yet still keeps things fun with the eclectic print. And for makeup? Keep it classic using bronzer to intensify your tan, a slick of red lipstick on the lips and a spritz of Acqua di Parma Mandarino d’Amalfi.

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(Pictures from Pinterest)

Our three favourite addresses in Ischia

Sorgeto Hot Springs –  These are probably one of the most iconic features of Ischia and consist of small rock pools which are all at slightly different temperatures to one another as a result of the volcanic activity. This range of temperatures offers relief and soothes pains and tired muscles. Make sure you don’t miss out on your clay mask which is applied by locals at very affordable prices and which is a loved treatment amongst celebrities. To make the most of the springs, make sure you stay to watch the sunset with an aperitivo from the local bar.

La Festa di Sant’ Anna –  This is not so much an address but a spectacular event which takes place every year on the 26th July to celebrate St Anne’s day. To celebrate the occasion, the areas around Ischia Ponte and Castello Aragonese fill up with locals and hopeful tourists in what is the best coastal street party of the year. 4 local areas battle put on a show on water by showcasing their boats complete with actors, fireworks and choreography in the hope to convince the judges and win the incredibly sought after first place. The show is of incredibly high quality as intensive preparation goes into delivering the performance not only for the judges but mostly for the locals who support their area in a mix of chant, laughter and cheers.  The event takes place by the seafront so it’s free to stand and watch. It’s the most iconic event taking place on the island so if you want information on how to get there, simply ask at your hotel and they will give you the best directions from where you are.

Parco Castiglione Resort & Spa –  Although the Castiglione is also a resort, we often visit just for the thermal pools (there are 10 of them!) which are real treat for the body and mind. There is also a spa specialised in thermal treatments using the water of the Castiglione Spring as well as restaurants and rooms to stay which are absolutely gorgeous and scenic. To visit this thermal park, you can buy daily passes on their website or enquire at your hotel as, again, this is one of the most famous attractions of Ischia. This resort is not to be confused with the Castiglione Hotel which is another wonderful place to stay in (and also slightly more affordable) . The food is also incredible with local produce and generous portions – you won’t see any buffet bars here but instead a large and colourful salad bar and a three course meal which is cooked and served at your table with around 3 options per course which ensures the food is delicious and genuine.

We hope this post either inspired you to visit this beautiful area, look into the sights if you’re a regular or simply gave you a little escape from this rainy monday morning in the UK.

The Squiggles Team