Images courtesy of Real Grace

Miss Squiggles couldn’t be happier to welcome eco-friendly fashion brand Real Grace on her blog for the launch of Miss Squiggles’ new eco fashion series.

Real Grace makes exquisite looks for women (from size 6 to 24) with a retro touch and a love for anything ethical (tops are made of super soft organic cotton and bamboo).

Real Grace’s clothes are produced by considering the production cycle and the impact on the environment. All their fabrics are organic and fair trade with all their details being locally sourced and with all their colours coming from a dye-house at only seven miles away.

Images courtesy of Real Grace

After having a chat with its fab creator, Jane Hubbard, Miss Squiggles learnt all about Real Grace. She found out that…

They showing three looks at Ecoluxe 2014

“…a black look, combining our established vintage cabaret top cropped at the elbows for Spring with a new bamboo silk draped skirt. Our other two looks come from our new collection which takes inspiration from Indian Sarees and the beautiful way they twist around all women’s bodies. For these, we’re using hot reds and pinks. The fabrics are bamboo silk and organic cotton/bamboo jersey.”

Their style is fashionable Elegance for real women

“Our [ideal] woman is looking for great style and beautiful body confidence.”

Images courtesy of Real Grace

Eco fashion gives them a drive and passion for a revolutionised fashion industry

“Having been in the fashion industry for over twenty five years, eco fashion gives me a drive and passion for a revolutionised fashion industry. I look forward to the day when eco fashion is mainstream; when we stop pouring toxins into communities and our world.”

For more info about Real Grace make sure you visit their website to learn about their collection and wonderful world.

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