The new Roxy Lanes has finally landed in Cardiff. We were invited to the opening night on Thursday and had the chance to have a sneak peek at Cardiff’s newest addition. More than a bowling alley, Roxy Lanes offers a bit of everything from American pool to shuffleboard, beer pong, batting cage, duck pin bowling and karaoke. I hadn’t personally visited anything similar and I have to admit I did have some mixed feelings about it, as bowling and games alleys are not my usual scene. Roxy Lanes was a pleasant surprise. It only took a little karaoke, a Basketball game or two and a photo-booth session to spend what has been one of the funniest nights we have had in a very long time.

Since then, two things have become, very, very obvious: first, I shouldn’t be allowed to karaoke. Ever. Again. And, then, that I have clearly been missing out on the all games alley scene.

Roxy Lanes has the charm of an old fashion game alley, sleek but retro, fluorescent but not overpowering.

Here are our three things why you should pay them a visit tonight:

  1. Go for the bowling, stay for the karaoke.

We couldn’t resist and booked a karaoke booth straightaway. Even though this is hardly one of your typical booths. The rooms are big enough to host up to 10 people easily, private enough so you can belt out all the classics and funky enough to feel young (ish) again.

2. Great food and snacks!

If you know me, you will know that I am the pickiest when it comes to food. Still, if a carb feast is what you need, Roxy Lanes has got you covered. Their pizza and pretzels were so comfortingly lovely and their drinks menu gave us plenty of choice and some fun, summer-inspired cocktails.

3. It has a not taken for granted nice atmosphere

Overall, it felt a bit like stepping into an episode of Stranger Things.

Good music, great staff and quirky, interesting games. Roxy Lanes has a retro, feel-good vibe which we absolutely loved and perhaps needed in Cardiff.

Book your night at Roxy Lanes today by clicking here.