With September being London Fashion Week’s month, we were lucky enough to talk to amazing fashion designer Ong-Oaj Pairam about his new collection, what inspires him and how he defines ‘style’.


We found out that…

His new collection is all about  growing up and surviving

This is the collection that I am most proud of and the collection I’ve been most excited about. I really feel it’s my strongest yet, and hopefully you will see how I have grown as a designer over the last two collections. The collection has an definite attitude about it, it’s about growing up and surviving. Yet there are some really elegant pieces within the collection that are juxtaposed against utilitarian workwear that has been given a luxury twist.


Whilst I’ve always been inspired by my childhood, I’ve always shied away from my Thai heritage as I felt it’s what people expected. I’m facing that demon in this collection and drawing on my home town and my upbringing for inspiration. I grew up on a noodle factory, so a very industrial setting but travelled to Europe at an early age and collected all the catalogues from design houses in Paris. Its a fragmented mix of these memories I’ve pieced together with a dream like logic that aesthetically feels right to me.


Style is about how your look makes you feel 

Sometimes it’s a confidence or an expression of creativity and sometimes it’s about fitting in to a social tribe or blending in. it depends on your mood which route you want to take what day. Overall style is an attitude rather than a fashion trend or an age. With style you can express how you feel or how you want to feel. It underpins how you want to be expressed that day, week, month or year.


1950s is always a backbone to my collection


Design wise, I’m really inspired by 1950’s couture and it is always a backbone to my collection. it’s not just the silhouette but the principles of design. I’m also passionate about sourcing the best British fabrics and championing local British craftsmanship and artisans  to develop my designs.


Thanks so much, Ong. Good luck with your new great collection…and if you want to find out more about Ong Oaj Pairam please visit his website www.ong-oajpairam.com

Miss Squiggles