‘Twas the night before the best month of the year and, for once, you’ve been super organised – a few presents have been ordered, you’ve eyed up some eco wrapping paper which will also look amazing under the tree and also made a start on your shopping list for your annual Christmas Drinks Party. Hey, let’s face it, you almost feel a little smug – anticipating the thought of a well deserved night to yourself, as you unlock the front door, your mind races to the evening ahead. Candles, bath, something on Netflix and, hey is it wrong to make a start on your Advent Calen…ah yes – in the midst of thinking of everyone else, you’ve forgotten to buy a little something for yourself. Fear not, festive queens, we’ve rounded up Three of our favourite Advent Calendars faster than you can say ‘Next Day Delivery‘…you’re very welcome.

The ‘One Type Suits All’ Calendar – Let’s face it, we’re all a little tired of your average-why does this chocolate taste like cardboard?- kind of Calendar. With more of us choosing to follow a vegan, lactose-free, you name it-free diet, looking for something a little different is natural and, most importantly, encouraged by responsive businesses who are coming up with innovative spin-offs on the traditional Advent Calendar. We love the Holland & Barrett’s 24 Day Tea Advent Calendar – it’s affordable, ever so cute and ideal as a little gift for your brew-loving friend. One to take into the office to feel dead fancy when it’s your turn to make the drinks.

The ‘Beauty Queen’ Calendar – You follow aaall the beauty Vloggers, know how to master the perfect winged liner on the tube and can quickly outline the pros and cons of salt vs sugar Scrubs with examples and supporting evidence, of course. Queen – you need a Beauty Calendar and not just any calendar – a natural, eco option that your friends haven’t head of and that, most importantly, will provide you with products who work super hard for you whilst you’re busy slaying the festive season.

The ‘Give Something Back’ Calendar – Another year has rolled by and, despite your best efforts, you haven’t found the time to volunteer or put in those hours at your local soup kitchen or care home. You know you’re busy yet this time of year makes us all a little reflective, eager to recognise our privilege and invest our time and energy in supporting those that aren’t so fortunate. So while you vow to make the time to help others in the New Year, why not make a start with the World’s First Charitable Advent Calendar? With your purchase, you will support 24 Different Charities – from helping the homeless to protecting endangered animals, not only does doing good feel good too, it also acts as a little memo to give back all year round, not just at Christmas.

We hope you liked this little taster of what’s to come here at Squiggles Comms for our 12 Days of Christmas features. We’ll be right here to celebrate the loveliest time of year, share festive tips and tricks alongside interviews to enjoy this season together and, most importantly, keep our cool and laugh during the inevitable culinary disasters and seasonal meltdowns that characterise this time of year. Here’s to Christmas – the Squiggles Way!


The Squiggles Team X