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Some things I owe to Mamma Squiggles


Copyright Miss Squiggles

Copyright Miss Squiggles


  1. Cyndi Lauper and George Michael, yes really.
  2. “Ask those kids to let you play or I will and it will be embarrassing.”
  3. The House of Spirits, Of Love and Shadows, Portrait in Sepia, Daughter of Fortune and Isabel Allende.
  4. “If you know it’s right to don’t you ever be afraid to speak up.”
  5. Rosamunde Pilcher and her beautiful world
  6. Long walks, car trips and lazy, sunny afternoons
  7. “Yes, but you’re my daughter…” to justify any good thing I do
  8. “Yes, but you’re my daughter…” to push me when I am too afraid
  9. Cakes, coffee and endless lunch breaks.
  10.  A Benetton strawberry denim jacket
  11. Words but Facts
  12. Facts but Words
  13. A love for the 80s
  14. Murder and Mystery movies
  15. Xmas movies
  16. Childhood stories about grandmothers obsessed with red lips, pointy heels and, of course, hats.
  17. Hairdos
  18. Pink birthday parties and pink cakes
  19. A love for anything that is challenging and way too out of my reach… and “it’s difficult but not impossible…”
  20. Pretty much everything else…

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