A few months ago I took my beautiful new bag, MAE, by Isla Rule  to a phenomenal literary evening event organised by Red Magazine in Bath.  Miss Squiggles loves MAE and has been using her religiously ever since…here she just tells you why…





1) Mae is big enough for your laptop but it looks sleek and beautiful on the outside

2) ‘She’ is the perfect bag for ‘tidy’ ladies like Miss Squiggles as it has different compartments

3) The colourful inside lining is to die for…


4) MAE arrives with two bag-essentials, a glass nail file and a stylish umbrella

5) The tulip factor. Isla Rule has a thing for flowers and the tulip is the brand logo.

Image courtesy of Isla Rule


6) Miss Squiggles felt so much cooler with MAE (as you can see…)

Image courtesy of Miss Squiggles Communications

[Pictures taken at The Queensberry Hotel in Bath]

7) Details make Isla Rule a great, customer oriented brand and MAE its most beautiful bag

Isla Rule is a recent favourite of celebrities like Michelle Dewberry, Karren Brady and Bianca Westwood. Always a guarantee of style and beauty, MAE is the perfect bag and Miss Squiggles couldn’t love it more.

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Black Leather MAE, £285,