Last night we had the opportunity to see The Alternative Cabaret: 00s Pop Queens at the Wales Millennium Centre and it was brilliant. Showcasing the best instrumental and vocal talent, the cabaret revamped and re-interpreted some of our favourite Pop hits. We went for Beyoncé, Britney and Christina but we didn’t quite expect to enjoy just as much a Welsh rendition of I am Like a Bird.

This is why you should find out more about The Alternative Cabaret: 

  1. A completely live performance. In their words, no backing tracks, no autotune. Just instruments and voices for what is a shockingly good final result.
  2. The performers. It wouldn’t be fair to say we preferred one performer over the other, they were all phenomenal, but singer Millie Davies and, particularly, her rendition of Britney (but Classical) Toxic was something else.
  3. The creativity. The Alternative Orchestra is not just merely bringing you the latest hits, they are adapting, changing them, re-interpreting them and it’s a pleasure to witness such creativity and inspiration from such a young Welsh company. Further proof that the calibre of singers and musicians we have in Cardiff is a great statement of what a great hub we have, right here, in South Wales. 

Favourite moment of the night? Singing along Taylor Swift’s Love Story accompanied by Andy Mulligan’s guitar. Such a treat.

Further info about Cabaret at WMC:

  • Doors now open an hour before each show, giving you more time to settle in
  • You can now order from the bar when you first arrive. We’ll switch to app ordering and table service shortly before the performance starts to keep the drinks flowing throughout the evening
  • We’re open until 11.30pm after every show, so no need to hurry home!

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