I am writing this editorial while I wait for my friends to come to pick me up. We are off to a 20s-inspired soirée at what used to be a vibrant coal trading business back in the late 1800s.

Today it’s probably, one of the most suggestive venues we have in Cardiff: The Exchange Hotel.

I am in tassels, pearls and a feather might or might not be in my hair. It’s Halloween season, everyone, and despite not being a big fan of pumpkins or slutty pumpkins, I could hardly refuse an invitation to such a beautiful location.

So as I wait for M. and L. to buzz and drag my sceptical Halloween-self to the party of the year, I start reflecting on what The Edit has been so far as well as what we have in store for, probably, one of my favourite seasons:

Welcome to The Autumn Edit.

Long scarves, big cups of coffee and my French beret, I live for these times; Autumn is when it’s totally acceptable to blow off plans, light a spiced apple candle and grab the chunkiest blanket you could ever find to watch When Harry Met Sally.

Image courtesy of Classical MPR

Here at The Squiggles Edit, we strongly believe in stealing those precious moments to stop and recharge; times when self-care is our only target and having friends over feels like  a ‘night out’.

Image courtesy of Chunky Couture

That’s why for the next following month, we are going to focus on businesses and events which have made self care a way of life.

Starting from Mr Gok Wan’s One Size Fits All to our very own Cardiff-based Amy Holland from I Can Cards and the wonderful Philippa at Chunky Couture, we are going to talk to these inspiring people who make life better for others and take you along with us, cups of tea firmly in hand ready for some longer, seasonal reads.

Image courtesy of I Can Cards

We are going to take some time to focus on what we as an online magazine and digital company can do to better explore the role self-care plays in mental health.

As always, we are a work in progress and we are open to suggestions. If you think you have a story that could inspire our readers, please get in touch! Email our lovely team [info@misssquiggles.com], I promise we won’t go into hibernation just yet.

Happy Autumn,