Last Saturday I was invited to speak at the BlogConf in Swansea. It was a full day of  workshops, activities and inspirational talks. Launched for the first time in Swansea by Adlet‘s CEO Emma Coles, the BlogConf was current, highly dynamic and just a very creative platform for bloggers, writers and PR agencies.

From photography to social media, there was so much going on and Miss Squiggles had a great time. She also had the opportunity to reflect on some important aspects related to blogging and PR.

and we also had the best goodie bags ever...

and we also had the best goodie bags ever…


Want to find out more? Just check out the following five points and make sure you visit for more info.

1) “To be different is OK.”

Actually it’s not even OK, it’s awesome. At the BlogConf we met the incredibly talented Nicholas Fearn and he taught us a few things. After receiving a diagnosis of Autism at 14, Nick entered the world of blogging and journalism to express his opinions and views. At only 18 he is not only a great journalist but also one of the most inspirational people we have ever met.

Presentations & talks @ the BlogConf

Presentations & talks @ the BlogConf

At the BlogConf Nick gave an exceptionally powerful speech talking about his experience, life and blogging passions. His work has been published on a variety of media-including The South Wales Evening Post, Shiny Shiny, Tech Digest, PhoneDog, Today’s iPhone and The Backbencher-and he is meant to become one of the most important voices of our generation…although I have a feeling he already is.

2) There’s life beyond Instagram

I attended Kat O Brien’s workshop and I loved it. It was practical and gave us all some interesting tips including pretty useful phone apps for image manipulation (all the pictures in this blog post have been edited with Snapseed by the way…just to make Kat proud :).

Kat also gave us the opportunity to have a go and take pictures of some quirky items set up as a proper photoshoot, it was very cool and we all learnt something useful.

3) Bloggers are a new marketing force.

Yes, it’s what I said during my talk (presentation coming up soon on but it’s also the truth. Far from producing personal, self-involved journals, bloggers interact with brands more and more establishing themselves as a new, highly powerful marketing & PR force.

4) Cupcakes are essential to networking…


…and networking was awesome at the Blog Conf. I didn’t only meet fabulous speakers (like Laura Schwormstedt, Benji Stanton, Kat O’ Brien, Ruth DawsonGeorgia Carys Williams and Helen Reynolds ) but also had the chance to engage and connect with great bloggers including Rosa Aversa and my darling Amber Bell.

5) Swansea Tech Hub is the most beautiful place ever. Charged with positive, creative energy, The Tech Hub has beautiful vintage interiors mixed and matched with modern furnitures and to die for leather armchairs.

Can we move here? Amazing!

Can we move here? Amazing!

I loved the Blog Conf. It was a great opportunity, a different approach to blogging conferences and the proof that South Wales has a strong, blogging community happy to connect and explore new, exciting partnerships.

No such a thing as too much Ryan Gosling! Thank you, Ruth Dawson

No such a thing as too much Ryan Gosling! Thank you, Ruth Dawson

Miss Squiggles