I might be a little grumpy to say this but I cannot possibly wait for this summer to be over.
Warm weather is not what we do best here in the UK and no, it doesn’t matter if your blood is half-blood, half salt from the Mediterranean Sea; the constant feeling of breathless warmth attached to your skin and flies feasting on your Jo Malone perfume is not really what I envisaged for this Summer.

I thought it would have been a week, max 2 of blissful 20 degrees where we all go out of our way to book somewhere as exotic as Newquay but no, it was hot as hell and we got fed up with it pretty quickly.

So it’s fair enough to say that yes, here at Miss Squiggles, we are glad summer is finally over and hello, rain!

Surely, we will be missing the beauty of those sleepless nights when it’s too hot to sleep but never too late for a little drink in the bay; not such a thing as too late when it’s summer, after all; but, yes, we are pretty much done with it.

So, as we switch sandals to channel the new season’s Power Pumps as seen on Net A Porter, we get ready for the new season and yes, for our new re-launch and projects.

Christian Louboutin, courtesy of Net A Porter


So please, we’ll take the thrill of cooler evenings and a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils every day because we’re ready for the new academic year and you should be too…

As we get into a pre-launch phase, we are excited to introduce you to some of the most interesting people we have had the chance to meet and interview.

People like Lauren, soon to be owner of a new hip vegan brunch spot, Wild Thing, in one of Cardiff’s most vibrant areas. We chatted with Fashion Designer Gillian Rolland and found out all about her London-accessory business Pepper Alley.

We are also incredibly excited to speak to Lauren Napier of Lauren Napier Beauty, a brand featured in none other than British Vogue and Forbes; and of course, we will be in London for both London Fashion Week and Red’s Smart Women Week because where else would we be in September?

And, finally, we will also recommend our favourite local and national events for you all, intelligent, passionate young women out there.

So, tell us, what are your plans for this new academic year?
Email our team: info@misssquiggles.com