September means back to work, getting ready for the daily commute and going back to boring, old packed lunches right? Well, today we have something a little special for you to make your transition back into work that little easier. A few weeks ago, we found ourselves looking for lunch on a busy August lunchtime with exactly one hour before we needed to go back to the office and needed something quick, affordable and totally delicious:  The Grazing Shed was the obvious choice.

Once we got there, we realised many others had the same idea as us but our food arrived so quickly that we could have been the only ones there. That’s exactly the concept behind The Grazing Shed: they deliver quick, Super Tidy burgers (as they say) without compromising on taste and flavour by sourcing their ingredients locally and by keeping an eye out for the environment in the process. If all of this alongside their affordable menu doesn’t tempt you, then this picture might:


The atmosphere is informal and cheery so perfect for a visit with a group of friends before heading out to the cinema or to simply grab a takeaway burger for a weekend night in.

See, returning to work isn’t that bad if you have this sort of lunch break waiting for you! Grab your friends, head there and tweet us a pic @Squigglesblogs to make us jealous!

The Squiggles Team