I have a friend whose hairdresser, every time she visits, reliably awaits her with a glass of wine after a tough week. Another, who is on whatsapp terms with hers, regularly exchanging updates on her colour transformation as she goes from brunette to blonde, punctuated with a stream of instagram likes and comments. My mother, who begins her conversations post-appointment with ‘ Did you know that my hairdresser…’ and ‘yes, my hairdresser’s husband is the exact same…’. The relationship we have with our hair, it seems, goes well beyond a new cut or colour. With hairdressers provisionally opening in mid-July, we thought we would catch up with Amy Meah, owner of AM Hair Design, to discuss the beauty industry in the age of lockdown, how to support your local salons for the time-being and what to do when, in a panic, you find yourself reaching for the hair scissors .

Tell us a little about yourself and your business.

Hi I’m Amy. I’ve been hairdressing for around 19 years, this isn’t my job – it’s my life, I absolutely love, love, love hairdressing. 18 months ago, I decided to take the leap and opened my own studio. Since I’ve opened up AM Hair Design, it’s gone from strength to strength, I’m so fortunate to have such supportive clients. I’m constantly upping my skills and investing in training courses, always learning. I specialise in Balayage and Creative Colouring along with my absolute favourite bouncy blowdries. I couldn’t think of a more rewarding profession – it’s instant gratification, seeing people come in so stressed but leaving feeling so relaxed and pampered. No matter the occasion – new job, wedding, girls night out, hair is always top of the list.

With hairdressers remaining closed until July at the earliest, what do you recommend to your clients who may be panicking and reaching for the scissors/hair dye?

With no definite date to be open as of yet, we’re all hoping (praying to the hair gods!) that is will be the beginning of July. With that being said, we’re all still very much in the unknown and I know everyone is panicking about their hair which I totally understand. I would always say to leave the scissors in the kitchen drawer and run past the aisles filled with hair dye in the supermarket – don’t even make eye contact with them! However, if you do happen to chop a bit too much off your fringe or not quite do your root touch up the way you thought it was going to turn out, that’s ok. This is a time we have never experienced before. When the time comes for us to re-open, there will be no eye rolling or judgement from us. If it means touching up your roots or chopping bits off your hair has made you cope with lockdown a bit better, then that’s fine. I love a challenge so I welcome all the of the home-made lockdown locks with open arms.

Do you have an easy, at-home remedy for dry, damaged ends?

This is the perfect time to get your hair in better condition, we can lay off the heat styling & have plenty of time for treatments. Once a week, I wash my hair with Olaplex Shampoo & Conditioner, then I towel dry my hair and apply Moroccanoil Repair mask which I sleep in and then rinse in the morning. If you’re more adventurous and are looking for something to do with the kids to keep them entertained, my daughter and I have been making homemade hair masks which has been so much fun, Pinterest has so many concoctions.

And finally, what is the best way to support small businesses like your own with the beauty industry being one of the most significantly impacted sectors?

Supporting your hair or beauty salon is a must during times like these. whether it’s a like or share on their social media post, buying a gift voucher or products or saving your roots just for us, anything to let us know you’ll all be here for us at the end means the most to us.

So, here we have it – wear your roots with pride until we can see our hairdressers because, as Amy says, it’s will be no judgement, just open arms.

Have a lovely Wednesday,

Annamaria X