It’s a funny time of year; carved pumpkins and candy concoctions are now a distant memory yet Christmas, and its promise of undisturbed relaxation and evasion from daily chores, continues to feel inexplicably out of reach. Advent Calendars line the shop shelves, you’ve probably had your first festive meal deal and the first chill has struck the city pushing us to reach further into our wardrobes in search of a softer, warmer armour to brave the everyday. If like us, however, you need further encouragement to truly embrace the festive season, we have just the (theatre!) ticket for you. Psttt…you’re going to have to be quick to catch this one!

As part of their 50th birthday celebrations, Orbit Theatre are proposing three nights of sing-along favourites. And so, hand in hand with the cold Winter night and wrapped up in our warmest coats, we made our way to the New Theatre ready for just under three hours of magical performances.

Now, compressing five decades of music in a single sitting is no mean feat but this show incorporates the perfect combination of old and new in a timeless combination of nostalgia and novelty. There are the classics from A Chorus Line, Les Misérables and Chicago as well as as favourites from High School Musical, Shrek and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in a musical journey that will captivate the whole family. This show is perfect if you’re looking for something to do with the children this weekend as a little festive treat before we’re all swept up in the last slog before Christmas consisting of work, school, turkey trimmings and endless present shopping lists.

Yes, with performances from the young students at Orbit School and more ‘aww‘ moments than this year’s John Lewis Christmas Advert, you would be forgiven for thinking this show is only suitable for younger audiences. However, our favourite number, ‘I Hope I got It‘ from A Chorus Line suggests that this is not the case at all as we were treated to a performance that was nothing short of the original movie which characterised the journey of so many generations in an angsty mix of Michael Douglas posters and non-ironic leg warmers. With its precise, rhythmic dancing and razor sharp choreography, the lights go down and, just like in the original, you forget that the actors on stage have day jobs and that, in fact, they put on this brilliant show on a rainy Cardiff evening for passion. They’re absorbed in their narrative and, swept up by their talent, so we follow suit finally getting that escapism we were looking to find.

If you want to join in on the festivities, you can find tickets here – there is a super convenient matinee show tomorrow afternoon which is ideal for younger children. If you want more information about Orbit Theatre, you can also find them right here. Our advice? Take everyone, aunties, grandparents, (the more the merrier!), grab a hot chocolate at Winter Wonderland and celebrate 50 Years of Orbit Theatre by getting into the festive spirit.

As we left the theatre, the city glittering in the Christmas lights, we certainly felt warmer, more Christmassy and so ready for Squiggles-mas (12 days of seasonal features, discounts and so much more!) at the beginning of December. We hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the start of the festive season.


The Squiggles Team X