part III

The final stop of our Mistake Edit sees mentor Silja Thor sharing her biggest and most important mistakes.

Silja is a serial entrepreneur and business mentor who helps her clients
build successful and profitable businesses without sacrificing their
personal lives. She works with online entrepreneurs, who are doing well
but are ready for growth, to help them sharpen their offering and work out smarter ways to attract their ideal clients.

A mistake I am not going to repeat in 2022 is…

Not listening to my body. When making decisions it’s so important to really listen to your body because often your body knows before you do. So tapping into that intuition and leaving behind the failure to do that. I have had the most incredible clients ever, but I decided to take on a client which I felt was not right in my body, but I just knew I could help her and my body was like it was screaming ‘no!’, and it turned out that was the only client I had to release. 

A mistake I was almost too glad to make is…

I fell on the hamster wheel when I hired the team and I’m really glad I did. It made me realise the importance of slowing down and speeding up and nothing good comes of being on the hamster wheel. When you’re in this business trap you cannot focus on what truly matters. It taught me to slow down in order to speed up and it’s so important to have that focus and truly focus on what matters.

A mistake that led to a positive outcome was…

Hiring a team a little bit prematurely, but I’m really glad I did. My business has been growing and going amazing and I needed support but I didn’t have exactly a team or structure, but it’s so wonderful to have a beautiful team in place.

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