Hello from our bunker, everyone.

“Wearing a Belle Époque hat for our zoom call like…”

We are fed, entertained and healthy. Of course, we are slightly bored but have successfully managed to alternate days of intense productivity-I bought a ukulele, reader, and I am squatting and crunching semi-regularly- to days of complete annihilation, think Edgar Allan Poe but ginger as he sips a glass or two of wine in the garden.

2019 but even January, February feel like a distant memory, something that doesn’t even belong to us, no one was ready for a global pandemic, social distancing, quarantine and let me just say it – what.the.actual.fuck.

No one was prepared to not see our loved ones for such a long time and no one will ever be able to wrap their head around the surrealism of it all from the number of daily deaths to the contagion, and, nevertheless, the enormous sacrifices our NHS workers are making in order to shield us all from this horror that is covid19.

So yes, we are fed, entertained and healthy. We will be getting over the boredom.

Now, over to some positive news, you may have noticed that our company is evolving and as it changes so does our website. In order to reflect the latest developments, we have decided to go into full magazine mode and keep providing content to millennial women while hopefully bringing a smile to your face during such a challenging time. 

In the meantime, our content agency is still live and we will still keep working on a few projects per year so if that’s you, feel free to get in touch, we are always interested in going on new adventures.

The Squiggles Edit will be, of course, from now on, our main focus and will exclusively specialise on easy-to-read features, interviews and our top beautiful three things of the week highlighting wonderful initiatives both from our local community and globally.

As usual, if you have any question or want to chat, feel free to drop us an email, info@misssquiggles.com we look forward to hearing from you all.

Time to go now, there’s a cake in the oven and Never Have I Ever to finish but I will be back!

Sending love, stay safe and please tell a millennial you love today that they really don’t have to get Tik Tok’.