Sleep and the Holidays do not necessarily go hand in hand. There’s the Christmas parties, the constant beeping alerting to social media notifications and the frantic search for the perfect present way past bedtime whilst, in the background, life continues with its work demands, family responsibilities and everything in between. Choosing to focus on sleep, or lack thereof, may seem a little unusual for our December features but it is in these busy times that self care needs to become a priority. So, in between the parties, the stressing and the festive cheer, we hope you can find 5 minutes to read our interview with founders of Myza who have made the Sleep Experience a way of life. They have also added some little product recommendations if, like us, you haven’t quite completed all your Christmas shopping yet!

Tell us more about Myza : what inspired your concept?

Myza is a marketplace with a unique focus on sleep and the whole sleep experience, reflected in the brand’s name which stems from the Swedish word for cosiness. Myza was founded by reason of Helen’s struggle with insomnia and Olivia’s genuine love of sleep. With Myza, we pick the best independent brands and curate sleep related products all in one place. 

With the festive season fast approaching, we could all also do with a better night’s sleep. What allows you to achieve the perfect night’s sleep?

Because in the run up to Christmas you usually find yourself racing around followed by late nights and early starts, sleep often gets forgotten about. However, missing out on a proper night’s sleep is bad for us both mentally ad physically so you need to make sure you are getting sufficient zzzz’s. I try as much as possible to keep regular hours as going to bed and getting up at roughly the same time each day will programme your body to sleep better.

How can Myza help this festive season?

Try to relax and insist on some ‘me time’ before going to bed.  As we all know, the run-up to Christmas can be extremely stressful so give both the mind and body time to wind down by having a warm bath, listening to some quiet music or doing some yoga. At myza, you can discover everything you need for a relaxing and blissful night’s sleep, from sumptuous bed linen to gorgeous sleepwear, luxurious skin and body care and the latest tech sleep aids.

And finally, what are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

For me, Christmas would not be Christmas without family. In fact, getting together with the people I love is what I’m looking forward to most of all.


We hope you enjoyed this article and are having a lovely festive season so far. For more information on Myza, you can find them right here. Alternatively, if you want to chat to us, have ideas for features in the New Year or have a business story you just need to tell us about, you can find us on Instagram @squiggles_comms and annamaria_sgueglia and Twitter (@SquigglesBlogs).


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