You know how sometimes life gets crazy busy? There are moments when nothing is going on and then all at once life surprises us in an explosion of a million things to do, friends wanting to see us, events to attend and a to do list that just keeps on growing. It’s in these hectic phases that we need our beauty products to work harder than ever: we want smart solutions that do their job quickly and leave us confident and ready for just about anything.

Of course, we all have our trusted favourites or beauty holy grail products yet once in a while, some real game changers land on our desks that shake up our beauty routine and make it that little easier. For example, the unpredictable weather and heat damage make hair one of the most complicated things to look after during summer and we’ve been recently loving the Aussie 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor to tackle these problems. Not only it’s a real multitasker which can be used in up to three ways but it is one of the few oils which can be applied to dry hair without weighing it down. It works incredibly well as a quick leave in treatment before washing your hair or when worked through the lengths before putting your hair up in a top knot leaving the product to do its work as you get on with your day.

When it comes to skincare,  nothing is as efficient than 5 minutes dry body brushing ( you can find some really affordable brushes from Boots)  just before you jump in the shower as it works to boost circulation intensifying your summer glow whereas the recently launched Milkshake body wash and cream work to effortlessly maintain the skin hydrated while still keeping things light and summery with their incredible range of tropical scents.

What have you been loving this summer? Any game changers you’d reccomend?

The Squiggles Team