Hello, hello and Happy Weekend. We hope that everyone has had a lovely start to the year ~ we’ve survived January, pay day has arrived (yay!) and Spring is just around the corner. In terms of posting on this platform, we have taken the month of January to ease into the year and reflect on what our priorities are for 2024. It’s easy to rush into a New Year and – while we love a fresh start – it’s important to remember that there is plenty of time and we don’t need to run a marathon / buy a property / move abroad in January to shake things up. Whether it’s easing into a new exercise routine (hello infrared yoga!), trying a new recipe or assessing your work-life balance, we hope that the month of January has brought with it a fresh perspective and an opportunity to self-reflect – not with the usual dose of criticism – but with a view to adding more of the good stuff. As part of this, we thought we would bring back our Week in Pictures posts – with Annamaria sharing what’s on her camera roll today – we hope you enjoy and, as always, let us know what you’ve been loving this week. 

The 2024 Beauty Routine

I’ve been skipping the TikTok worthy 50 steps skincare routines (who has all that time?) in favour of minimalist beauty that really works. Enter the cleanser meets scrub which has been working wonders on stubborn post-festive indulgence spots – I really like the formula of this Clarol Silver & Birch Exfoliating Wash and that it can double up as a scrub if double cleansing is your thing. It works wonders on any acne along the chin and jawline and – with the price point and the fact that a little goes a long way – it really is an absolute multi-tasker. Add it to your basket immediately and thank us later.

We’ve been sent lots of lovely products to try over the years but it’s rare for a product to enter re-purchase territory (my bathroom cabinets are already absolute chaos as it is!) – enter Nanogen Shampoo. The fragrance is salon-worthy and the packaging, despite being very affordable, has an elevated feel. I have re-ordered the Shampoo Luxe & Conditioner as – with around 3 months of use – my hair feels healthier, thicker, is noticeably longer and I’m actually excited to go for a blow dry as opposed to pre-empting the usual judgement from the hairdresser (“when did you last get it cut?’).

The glimpses of Spring

With January firmly out of the way, I’ve been enjoying the little glimpses of Spring that are so easy to take for granted. Stocking up on flowers for the house (the M&S tulips have me in an absolute chokehold), buying the corny Valentine’s chocolate (just because!) and looking ahead to my Spring wardrobe (white tees with cardigans, blazers, light jackets are all I keep saving on Pinterest) are providing just the right amount of inspiration to keep going. 

The things you must do in February

With the January weather being rather gloomy, we’ve built up a little inventory of things to do on a rainy day which can double up as lovely self-care days or date night ideas before Spring comes rolling around and all we want to do is spend time outside. This month, we’ve been re-discovering Cardiff Museum and all it has to offer (the Artes Mundi exhibition is live until the 25th February), loving oat lattes at Sibling and booking on for Yoga at Love Live Light Healing Hub. The Monday and Tuesday classes are equally gorgeous and there are also elemental workshop (Yoganic) to delve deeper into your practice. 

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend,