We have had a lovely weekend and we plan on making the most of this week. We spent our days fixing things in the house, reading books and indulging in the most amazing pastries @Waterloo Tea in Penylan (see cronuts) and some spectacular vegan ones @Ground in Pontcanna. Now it’s back to work, we have a week jam-packed with things to do, places to be and meetings to attend but before we go and let the madness and the stress unravel, here are three gentle reminders for the week ahead:

1- You can do anything but not everything…

…and don’t you even try. We have a list of priorities and a (second list) of things we would love to do this week but are not going to feel bad about if we end up not having even the time to look at them.

2-It’s OK to feel SAD

Nights are drawing in and there is so much beauty in the Autumn. However, not everyone feels the time and it’s not the best time of the year if you suffer from depression or anxiety. Be nice to yourself, we love autumn but you don’t have to.

3- Take 5

Whatever it is you need to, listen to Easy on Me for about the 100th time or have a hot chocolate with your friend after work, make sure you take five minutes all to yourself.


The Squiggles Team