Happy start of October! How is everyone doing? It’s been a drizzly, long week here in Cardiff and, as both local lockdowns and this rainy weather look like they are here to stay, we thought we would share our Three Beautiful Things of the week to accompany you on this grey Sunday. While of course, everyday life is nothing short of intense for all of us right now, we have always loved this kind of cosy, rainy weekend. The weather is getting colder, the nights are drawing in and there is no obligation to go out or leave the house. However, whilst we vow not to work at the weekends, we always end up picking up our laptops, mood-boarding for campaigns or taking shots for products and blog posts. This weekend has been no different so far and whilst we love the creative element of our work and our best ideas often come on these unstructured days, we vow to truly rest and recharge today. Starting with a slow morning hiding from the rain reading a novel, a Sunday lunch with the family, scheduling some time to ourselves for this up-coming week and adding a few autumnal buys to our basket…

Re-discovering the Great Indoors – It’s official, for one reason or another, most of us are spending way more time indoors than we may perhaps like. However, we can’t help but reflect back to this time last year when our diaries felt jam-packed with responsibilities, activities and ‘catch up drinks‘ that we weren’t too enthusiastic about in light of their sheer volume. This year, the unexpected silver lining of local lockdown will therefore be less money spent on activities we’re not thrilled about and more time to intentionally spent doing the things we love. For us, this includes perfecting the drink of the season ( Knittie Grittie Blanket (locally made and deliciously cosy!) and settling down to watch a film with our phones locked in another room.

(Image via Rosie Londoner)

Scheduling a Treat in the Diary – On beginning a new week, we all have the best intentions to take better care of ourselves. Yet, catch us by Wednesday lunchtime stuck in a never-ending cycle of work, responsibilities, chores, errands, childcare and everything in between and, inevitably, the all-important self-care has slipped to the very bottom of our to-do list. For this reason, when our friends at Mwah Cardiff got in touch to tell us about their new offer, we knew we had to share it with The Edit readers. With any new client cut and blow-dry, Mwah are offering a free luxury treatment. Supporting a newly re-opened local business and actively scheduling in some time to ourselves? That sounds like a match made in heaven to us.

(Image via Mwah Cardiff)

Adding a treat to our Autumn Basket – Initiatives like second-hand September have demonstrated the sheer amount of fast-fashion we consume globally and how we can be mindful consumers all-year round by limiting impulse purchases and shopping our wardrobes. For this reason, we have been wary of getting on the Autumn purchase bandwagon come October especially in light of all the time we are spending at home as evenings spent at a launch, sipping wine with our girlfriends or at a new restaurant are, of course, limited or not happening at all. Instead, we will invest in a little luxury we can wear at home like the L26 Organic Cotton T-shirts. These are perfect to use when working from home, doing Zoom Yoga or popping out for a coffee – we even sleep with ours as they’re super comfy and soft. Made with 100% Organic cotton, these are a good investment (and very reasonably priced compared to other slow fashion retailers!) and once normal life resumes, will look super smart with a black blazer, straight-leg trousers and heels for polished, night time glamour.

How is everyone spending the first weekend of October? If you do something this week, schedule in some time for yourself. Whether it’s to add an organic treat to your basket, schedule in a beauty appointment or simply have a coffee in your own company, it will make the world of a difference, we promise.


The Squiggles Team X