As another weeks draws to a close, we are back with another edition of Three Beautiful Things. We love doing these posts as a way to reflect on what we have loved this week, share our weekend plans and, if we’re really honest, to keep track of the days and weeks during this funny old phase. We joke of course – kind of. So, glass of wine at the ready – it’s time to ease ourselves into the weekend and find out what we have been up to this week:

Picture Credits: Cocoa Therapy

Finding our Ultimate Quarantine Reads – We don’t know about you but reading plays a big role in our lockdown days. We have a pile of old books waiting to be re-read, compiled our favourites in last week’s post and have been busy adding new titles to our ever-extending list. With its promises to ‘work less, create more and design a life that works for you‘, we can’t wait to read Emma Gannon’s, The Multi-Hyphen Method. Yes, we may be a little late to the party with this one but as Gannon’s US version of the book, The Multi-Hyphen Life, launched this week, joining our friends across the pond to dip our toes into the world of Gannon seems like the perfect idea. Similarly, launching a book in the current context, after months of hard work, is not exactly easy so this is our memo (and hopefully yours too!) to support creatives/writers/entrepreneurs navigating these crazy times.

Picture Credits: Emma Gannon

Diving into the world of Cocoa Therapy – In case the Easter Chocolate wasn’t quite enough, this week we have stumbled upon the wonderful world of Cocoa Therapy (via Instagram, of course). Based locally, we love the look of their intricate, delicious creations and, although we note they are closed, orders can be placed online. We know the importance of supporting local businesses now more than ever so we shall race you to their website – you can find them right here.

Picture Credits: Cocoa Therapy

Getting aaall the feels as 99-year old veteran raises over £15 million for the NHS – The world is a truly confusing place at the moment but, if the millions of fundraisers and just because gestures sweeping social media are anything to go by, it is also a truly kind and beautiful place. Tom Moore’s incredible efforts to raise money for the NHS by completing laps in his garden are not only incredibly heartwarming but also a reminder that if he’s 99 and raise over £15 million we can definitely get off the sofa and do our virtual yoga/zumba/daily run/order pizza delete as appropriate. The link is here if you wish to donate.

Photo Credits: BBC News

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