Today is White Ribbon Day. Despite the pandemic, and the tricky current context we are operating within, it is a vital responsibility to speak out and pledge to end violence against women. In fact, the pandemic has exacerbated narratives of violence, abuse and terror for women across the UK and on a global level too. Over 100 women were murdered by men in the UK last year; this unacceptable statistic is evidence we need to not only continue raising awareness but implement the necessary structures to end violence in our society, our workplaces and our families. Here are three initiatives to support this White Ribbon Day. Share, donate if you can and add to the conversation so our mothers, friends, sister and women are at less risk of becoming just another number.

Women’s Institute Virtual Candelight Vigil – Despite the inability to hold its annual Candelight Vigil on the steps of the Senedd this year due to the corona-virus pandemic, the Women’s Institute is continuing its commitment against violence against women via a virtual vigil which was held on Monday 23rd November. The campaign, Not in My Name, recruits male ambassadors to speak out against male violence against women and to never commit, excuse or remain silent in the face of violence. To read more about the Women’s Institute work and find out how to get involved, you can find them here.

Change begins in the workplace – Sophie Howe, Wales’ Future Generations Commissioner, has announced that her organisation will support victims of domestic violence and abuse through the medium of financial support. With money and finances still representing a key structural barrier limiting the amount of victims who leave abusive relationships, we applaud this step and hope it encourages other leaders, businesses and companies to adopt this compassionate approach. You can find the full Guardian article here.

Support Cardiff’s Women Aid – If you do one thing today, support organisations like Cardiff’s Women Aid which, despite the pandemic, are still supporting women 24/7 via phone call, messaging or emailing. Follow their social media pages, look for ways to get involved and share your skills and signpost this crucial organisations to friends, loved ones or anyone who may need it. They are also running a wellbeing cafe for 18-25 year olds to support each other in the current context, make connections and receive guidance on matters such as self-care, online safety, emotional wellbeing, mindset and relationship so if you or anyone you know is interested, share the above post with them and get involved.

What other initiatives are you supporting this week? Share them with us and we will add them to our post.

Keep safe and look after each other,

The Squiggles Team x