Miss Squiggles' Top 6 Xmas Presents, Beauty Edit!

This Christmas we will look and, most importantly, feel absolutely gorgeous and that’s why Miss Squiggles has been researching the most beautiful brands out there to bring you the best Top 6 Xmas presents of the beauty world.

Have a look at Miss Squiggles’ favourite products now…it’s called the most beautiful time of the year for a reason after all…


It's all about the gel, about the gelll...

It’s all about the gel, about the gelll…

There’s no better beauty product than this LED lamp for gel nails by the amazing Rokit (£100, available from Debenhams). It delivers a highly professional salon touch and it’s a proper treat. Rokit’s Led Lamp is extremely simple to use and it’s the best present you could ever give beauty-wise…We are obsessed with it and we can’t wait to try its beautiful colours for our Xmas party next week.



Can we just have this beauty, Santa? Please!

Can we just have this beauty, Santa? Please!


this one as well…

Miss Squiggles really loves AVON. It’s a great brand and its products are always of the best quality. That’s why she is extremely happy to talk about the following products: The Professional Collection Palette (£28 at avonshop.co.uk) and the Clinical Beauty Heroes Collection (£20 at avonshop.co.uk). The Palette has everything you could dream of which includes 55 eyeshadows, 10 lipsticks, four blushers, three applicators and a handy inbuilt mirror.

The second product, The Clinical Beauty Heroes Collection, is the perfect present for someone who’s  passionate about skincare with its wide range of anti-ageing creams, lotions and treatments…absolutely blissful!


0400244 - Wilko Cosmetic Case £10


0400251 Hat Box Gift Set £10


Wilko is Miss Squiggles’ answer to pretty much everything. From Christmas decorations to beauty products or just anything else, Wilko is one of Miss Squiggles’ favourite online shops. Both products, the Cosmetics Case and The Hat Box Gift,  are £10 and available from wilko.com.  Love them both, they are gorgeously presented and absolutely affordable…a big win!


Nail Care Set £25 ApprovedNail Care Set £25 Approvedbenecos-nail-polish-and-care-gift-set-detail

I really love the Benecos Range. Benecos is a beauty brand with a natural heart. The Benecos Nail Polish and Care Gift Set (£25 and available from www.pravera.co.uk) is a perfect eco-friendly, present with its 3 nails polishes, to die for, in beautiful colours including Deep Plum, Vintage Red and Crystal.

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Miss Squiggles