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Hello everyone.  If you just started a February diet, I am with you. If you just started a diet but kept a chocolate bar under your pillow, I am definitely with you more.

There have been a few changes on the blog, hurrah. First of all, we redesigned the blog and then we finally launched Miss Squiggles Communications, something we are all very proud of.

Not much has changed in terms of sections. You will still have your well-being, trends, eco and Squiggles pills on a weekly basis but now you will be able to click on the cool arrows on your right and select exactly what you want.

So…what’s trending on Miss

1)  Data A Love Story

I just bought Data A Love Story after coming across a TED video from its writer, gorgeous Amy Webb. Amy is a smart girl who finds herself struggling with the ‘fantastic’ world of online dating; because she is smart (she really is) she hacks online dating and finds Mr. Right. Lucky? No, just maths (and that’s exactly why I know I won’t ever find love online). Have a look at her TED Video for more information. I will keep you posted on the book!

2) TED Cardiff

Speaking about TED, have you got your tickets for the next TED event in your local area? We haven’t :(. Cardiff’s tickets sold out in just 2 minutes. If you want to learn more about Cardiff’s speakers for 2014 make sure you check out Ted Cardiff; 2014 speakers include astrophysicist Edward Gomez,  Journalist and fab woman behind The One Mile Baker Elisabeth Mahony, Onward Coaching Founder Joseph Liu and zoologist Nial McCann.

3) App Testing: Shop Chat

I am currently testing Shop Chat a new App available on iTunes. Shop Chat makes your shopping experience so much better. It’s FREE which is great and it’s a great help for shopping and events planning. I think It’s a must for stylists and fashion bloggers as gives people the chance to browse collections and exchange thoughts immediately. It’s a bit like Whatsapp and Pinterest together and it’s quickly and worryingly becoming Miss Squiggles’ latest addiction.

What’s trending in your world? Let Miss Squiggles know now. Follow SquigglesBlogs!

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