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Miss Squiggles Tweet-Chats with Interior Stylist & Journalist Anna Tobin and she finds out all about the latest Spring trends for your home.

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What’s your favourite #Spring trend?


“I love colour. I’m thrilled that the stores this season are filled with bright textured fabrics and daring painted furniture.”


What a #Spring home should look like in #3words and why?

“A #Spring home should be light, bright and airy, dotted with little vases of wild flowers, dressed with softly textured throws and cushions.”

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What’s the first thing you change in your house when #Spring #finally arrives?

“I throw the curtains open wider and I buy a couple of cheap new season accessories for each room to ensure that everything feels fresh.”

Over to you now. What’s your favourite Spring accessory when it comes to styling your home?

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