Miss Squiggles catches up with the theatre company of the moment. They’re a perfect creative duo and they are going to lift our mood making sure we forget all about  January and its blues.


Next Wednesday at the Sherman Theatre of course. Meet the fabulous Geraint Jones and Louisa Lorey now. Meet Double Dipp.


Please tell us a bit about your show

Our Show is a cabaret of comedy characters all written by Geraint and all played by Louisa. She plays every act on stage and even the usherette taking your tickets. We wanted to create a party atmosphere instead of your traditional play, with party bags instead of programmes and audience participation. Everyone will be presented with a prop as they enter and this will give them the option of being included somehow during the evening. Our characters include Petra, the neck-braced feminist, Beverly Hyman the spirit medium and Judith the hen party host with her obscene pass the parcel.

Three words to describe Double Dipp would be…

Fun. Crazy. Camp.

What should we expect from Pick N Mixx is…

We think people should expect something they maybe haven’t seen before. We hope people come ready to have some fun, the show includes everything from bananas to mobility scooters.

Pick N Mixx! is going to be a great comedy night, a cabaret of different, well-rounded characters played by an exceptional actress and written by a just as exceptional writer.

For more information please visit www.shermancymru.co.uk or follow Double Dipp on Twitter now.


Miss Squiggles