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Linda Hobden is Miss Squiggles’ Tweet-Guest of the week. She’s a journalist, blogger, mother and author of fashion insights platform Boots Shoes & Fashion.

Who’s the most exciting person you interviewed?

Image courtesy of Hotel Pelirocco

“Hard to pick but I think  Lady Gaga’s footwear designer Natacha Marro and Mick Habeshaw-Robinson, owner of the fabulous Hotel Pelirocco.”

What’s your favourite social network and why?



“#Twitter. I love networking and chatting on there with a diverse range of people who share my vast range of passions.”

What’s your fondest memory, career-wise?

“When I attended the private evening viewing of the launch of the Milly J Shoes Exhibition at the Northampton Shoe Museum.”


“Not only did I get to see all of the Milly J creations but I met some lovely people and made good friends.”

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