Heels on. A short, black dress will do…time for red lipstick and we are ready to go.

We’re stepping back in time tonight. We’re heading to a lost place where sound and colour blend and become something that goes beyond every possible expectation…where they become the Casablanca.


The Casablanca was a legendary music venue in Tiger Bay. It was appreciated worldwide for its iconic performers including Aretha Franklin and shaped South Wales’ music history.

It was open, welcoming and a great place in Cardiff Bay.

After being sadly demolished in the early 80s, the Casablanca was far from being forgotten. Its music remained etched on the memory of past customers and craved by the younger generations who had missed its glorious days.

To celebrate this unbelievable music venue, The Wales Millennium Centre organised an exceptional night of music and memories on Saturday and, yes, it was glorious once again.

We started off with live music by the amazing Wonderbrass, a Cardiff band bringing a mixture of New Orleans’ jazz, ska and funk led by multi instrumentalist and composer Rob Smith and drummer Mark O’Connor. 


We then were lucky enough to be introduced to the lovely ladies of Bay Divas.

Absolutely gracious and funny…the divas perfectly owned the Donald Gordon Theatre’s stage and were our very own Welsh version of Dream Girls.

I really enjoyed seeing so many talented artists paying homage to the history of Tiger Bay and the Casablanca…it wasn’t only a brilliant experience but also an opportunity to find out more about great artists like the brilliant Li Harding and The Jukebox Collective.

Miss Harding was a gem and one of the most powerful voices of the night while The Jukebox Collective brought colour and fun thanks to their beautiful street dance choreographies.

Other phenomenal artists included Garry Phillips, Geraint Jarman & Band, Lloydy Parris, Tyranik, Cougar, Baby Queens, Leighton Jones, Hiro Hari and many more.

A Night in Casablanca was also the perfect excuse to dance the night away with DJ Keith Murrell and be treated to delicious Caribbean food courtesy of the ffresh Bar and Restaurant…something Miss Squiggles enjoyed far too much…

Heels off. A glass of bubbles in my hand. Time to dance the night away…Time to dance at the Casablanca.

Do you want to find out more about the Casablanca? Read our interview with Hannah Wynn Jones, one of the great minds behind the event.

What do you remember of the original Casablanca? Share your thoughts and your pictures using the hashtag #CasaB

Miss Squiggles

Shamless selfie before our night at the Casablanca

Shameless selfie before our night at the Casablanca