Happy Wednesday, everyone! This week marks our 7th week working from home and, like the rest of the population, we are certainly missing our daily routine. It’s in the little things; the latte we pick up from the local café, weekend debriefs on a Monday with the work girls, office catch-ups, Friday lunches with the team…the list is endless. In order to bring you some fun mid-week content, and boost our spirits in the process, we thought we would ask Eshita Kabra-Davies, founder of By-Rotation, on her best practises for working from home. Brew the coffee, put the OOO for 5 mins and enjoy the interview – we’ve got this.

Picture via @arentyoueshita

What does you average WFH day look like?

By Rotation actually just moved into a new studio, so it’s actually quite nice to be working here. I’ve spent some time over the last few weeks decorating, 90% of the furniture is upcycled or second hand and we’re featuring artists from our community on rotation too! Day to day doesn’t differ much from normal, we have team check-in’s over video call twice a week, and are chatting all day every day. We’re keeping our focus the same, and using the time wisely to plan, being sensitive to everything else that is going on. I’m also entertained on the regular by my gorgeous dog, Saffron – he features heavily on my video calls!

Picture via @byrotationofficial

As a fashion business, what role does fashion play in your WFH wardrobe? Are you in the ‘PJs and hope for the best’ team or do you like to ‘Make an effort?’

Both? I have some gorgeous Olivia von Halle pyjamas which have featured heavily in my wardrobe rotation over the past few weeks. But I also love to take part in our weekly #WFHwithBR competitions, it gives me an excuse to make more of an effort every now and then, plus I can bring out some accessories, like my Jacquemus bag, that aren’t getting a lot of use at the moment.

What small pleasures do you look forward to after a long week of WFH?

My small pleasures include Yoga, walking Saffron, enjoying the sunshine, beer and spending quality time with my husband, with the odd bit of DIY for the studio.

And finally, what tricks do you utilise when the mind starts to wonder and distraction is kicking in?

A change of scenery or tasks always helps, I think it’s good to remember to not put too much pressure on yourself at the moment.

We hope you enjoyed this mid-week interview – stay safe and stay home. As always, we can’t wait to chat about the interview on Instagram and Twitter so come say hi!

Have a lovely rest of the week,

Annamaria X