Polo fashion is something Miss Squiggles has never contemplated before so she was in a bit of a panic…not irrational panic -the one that makes you buy pretty much anything 24 hours before the event- but, mildly irrational panic- the one that makes you doubt every single thing you have bought in the past few days and then makes you go out 30 minutes before the event-.

Panic aside, I managed to find something suitable and just lovely…


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I was lucky to find this cream dress from French Connection (£99) Lucky because it was simple but elegant enough for the event.

It wasn’t exactly cheap but considering I was already recycling my much loved Mango jacket, I could spend some money.

The shoes were a proper bargain. Despite being in the middle of the countryside and having to rely on friends’ help for not sinking every time we left the marquee (as it turns out wet ground and heels don’t really go that well together), I really loved my new heels by New Look (£30). They were lovely and matched my also new (told you, I had spent some money) Dorothy Perkins bag (£18). They were incredibly comfy, this means that by the end of the day (talking about 9ish), I wasn’t murderous with pain.

My favourite outfit piece was my fascinator though. Miss Squiggles loves hats and her John Lewis, white fascinator (£30) was the best thing she could buy. It was so pretty that I wore it until I went to bed, which was slightly pathetic, but if you live for hats like myself, you will just get that…



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Miss Squiggles couldn’t have survived without her make-up bag. She relied so much on her Elf nail polish (£2.50) and pink lipstick (£3.95) (review coming soon).

Miss Squiggles is also a great fan of Dr. Lipp Beauty Balm-as it really makes your lips soft and it’s the perfect base for lipsticks- and Soap & Glory mascara, seriously the best mascara I have had in a very long time; if it’s dramatic volume you’re looking for, that’s the product for you.

The Polo was a success, come back tomorrow for some exclusive Polo snaps of Miss Squiggles and friends.

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