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Have you ever had the feeling that you met someone before? Like in a past life? Miss Squiggles talking to Miss Joyful felt like a continuous déjà vu. We had a phone chat and a giggle and we found out that we have more things in common than we expected…

First of all you need to know a few things about Miss Joyful! She is a young woman based in London whose aim is to spread joy in London and the rest of the world. How? By ‘performing’ random acts of joy, giving sweets and cakes outside her street, or at the tube station, leaving hidden presents in London and spreading joy, pure and simple joy.

She is a joyful fairy and she shared some joyful wisdom with Miss Squiggles…and now with you all…

Have a look at some joyful pills from Miss Joyful to Miss Squiggles!

The Joyful Revolution changed me…

Now I feel responsible for it. Now I know that there are people reading the blog and people being inspired by it. It’s giving me a massive creative outlet. I have been working in between jobs but I have also realised that I want to make this my full-time focus, spreading the message as wide as I can; it has definitely given me a goal to work towards.

Bigger and Better

I would like to do bigger things to impact more people.

I would love to connect with more people, planning a little tour around the country and start the revolution outside London. I would like to spread the message wider on some crazy little bus or something. I would really like to develop the message of the manifesto; I would really like to do that.

 Random Acts of Joy

Sometimes I hide things, post-cards and some stamps for people to find… and little messages as well. Other times I do more face to face; giving out flowers at the tube station to people. It’s quite scary, sometimes I make and hand lots of homemade cookies and cakes. It’s a mix up of hidden things and meeting people face to face.

“I think We can make anyone Happier”

When it’s face to face sometime people get wary, why is this person giving me flowers or cakes? (they probably wonder)

So they’re confused and I have to explain. Sometimes people are more open and they really love it. I got lots of messages from people, especially after receiving flowers, saying that I have brightened their day and (that I) have made it easier for them to do nice things to other people. It has some sort of domino effect where people feel good and go do something nice to someone else.

Men and Flowers

I give flowers to anybody. Actually some of the men are more open. On the tube I had so many bunches of flowers with me and a man asked why I was carrying them and I explained, and he seemed very interested; he said it was very nice.

Inspired by Nora Ephron…

 “I love You’ve got mail. I love that it’s in Christmas, I love her shop…it’s just really great and I am a big romantic at heart.”

 Most Joyful Book

I find self-help books great but the one I always come back to is Little House on The Prairie, the children’s book, I read it when I was little and now has become a some kind of comfort book, the one I always come back to.

 You can’t be Joyful all the time…

 I am not joyful all the time. This is one of the reasons I started The Joyful Revolution. I have been feeling very down in the past. Today even when I have a down moment I come back to myself quicker than I used to. In the past it was the case of feeling down for a couple of days in the row.  Now I tend to get back on track a lot quicker. Sending someone a nice email or dancing around my room are things that help a lot.

Joyful and Single

If you want to find someone you should focus on how good you feel with yourself rather than going “Ohh I wish I had met someone” when you do that you don’t pass the good kind of vibrations. There’s a lot of pressure especially on women to be a certain way, to meet the right guy but I think that you should focus on being first good to yourself and then meeting someone would be an extra bonus.

 Joyful Women make the Best of Friends

The most important thing is to believe that life can be good. I am very lucky because I have wonderful female friends but I think that sometimes there’s so much jealousy in female friendships.

We should focus on the fact that we can all get what we want and we should be happy for each other when we do.

You should probably believe that something great for you is around the corner and that’s how you would probably feel genuinely happy if something good happens to a friend.

The Joyful Exercise

Get out there and smile at people. Be brave, if you see someone and love their outfit, tell them, it will make them feel great and also will give you a boost. And there are little things you could do as well; bringing flowers to the office or writing someone a letter. If you feel great you want to do more and more and other people respond to that.

Miss Joyful is what the world has been missing all along and Miss Squiggles was delighted to have her on .

Do you want to learn more about Miss Joyful and The Joyful Revolution?

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