In the past few months so many things have changed. We are now entering a new phase, taking the next step towards an even more exciting second part of 2015.

Things are moving continuously at the Miss Squiggles Headquarter and we couldn’t be happier for the great new projects that we will soon be able to share with you all. Such a revolutionary phase needs to be necessarily accompanied by a new revolutionary attitude ignited, where possible, by a new wardrobe , some extra bits and bobs for the flat and, maybe, if Miss Squiggles can really stick to it, a proper beauty regime…just to make her feel properly rejuvenated…

This week we start with our home. Like most business owners, I find myself working from home from time to time. Having no office, I often rely on the unhealthy habit of working from my bed…did I say work? I really meant falling asleep on my laptop while watching old Friends episodes on Netflix.

As ‘glamorous’ as it might sound, it’s not ideal. My back hurts, my neck stops cooperating and inspiration just dies a little bit more night after night.

I have always played with the idea of having a small office corner in my house and tonight, after falling asleep once again on my untouched pile of endless campaigns to schedule,  I have decided to take matter into my own hands and starting working on some inspirational ideas straight from some of my favourite shopping places.

The first option is this lovely home-office from Pinterest:

image courtesy of charlotte kemp

The white and grey colour scheme make it for a perfect neutral setting where more colourful ideas, just like Miss Squiggles’, can freely flow. Moreover, the desk is so big I could already see my silly collections of post-its and useless/useful papers taking advantage of so much space.

I also really like the idea of having a desk by the window and be directly exposed to the benefits of natural light.


The second option is a bit more modern and, maybe, practical.  The desk is smaller but still a bit old-fashion which is something Miss Squiggles could never compromise on.

After spending an afternoon browsing online, I found the following desk options which could potentially be a closer match to what I am looking for.

The first one is available on Amazon:



…while the second two options come straight from the amazing world that is John Lewis:




Once we go for some neutral colours for the background wall and desk,  I would definitely consider some lovely home accessories to make my new ‘office’ more creative and fun.

Have a look at some of my favourite elements of decor:





And if you miss your favourite work-mug, remember you’re home and can drink coffee from a proper ‘cappuccino’ cup…just paying homage to Miss Squiggles’ Italian roots…


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Miss Squiggles