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  Miss Squiggles meets Fashion Designer Daniela D’Amico Daniela D’Amico has the touch for anything that is fresh, modern and absolutely on trend. Her creations are pure flair, creativity and so much more. It’s a brilliant cocktail of different flavours that works so well together. No wonder Miss Squiggles wanted to interview […]

Meet Fashion Designer Daniela D’Amico

Miss Squiggles tweet-chats with Alexandra Fullerton, fashion director at Stylist Magazine and finds out all about her favourite Summer trends. 1) What’s your must-have accessory for Summer 2014? And why? “A pair of sporty pool slides – they are the most comfortable and fashionable thing you can buy for the season.” […]

Meet Stylist’s Fashion Director Alexandra Fullerton

Miss Squiggles was lucky enough to attend the Elf Fest 2014 in Cardiff’s Morgan Arcades last week. We had an amazing time celebrating what Elf Cosmetics is: great products, fab customer service and innovation, pure and simple innovation. Theme of the party was the festival season of course. During the […]

Miss Squiggles @ The Elf Fest 2014

Just picture it for a second…   A gorgeous, rural setting, lavish food by super catering Spiros, drinks by the award winning Lab 22… no wonder Miss Squiggles loved it so much. Castell Polo was an amazing Sunday event, the perfect excuse to wear a hat and watch or try […]

Miss Squiggles goes to the Polo

Polo fashion is something Miss Squiggles has never contemplated before so she was in a bit of a panic…not irrational panic -the one that makes you buy pretty much anything 24 hours before the event- but, mildly irrational panic- the one that makes you doubt every single thing you have […]

What did Miss Squiggles wear? #Polo #Times

The first time I met the NoFit State Circus Company I was a Postgraduate Journalism student at Cardiff University. They hadn’t been around for many years and everything felt new and promising. I remember walking in the old church, where they rehearsed, with a mixture of fear (do I have […]

And then it was Bianco…