If 2020 has taught us anything is that taking time off, relaxing and focusing on our wellbeing is fundamental. With most of us currently in lockdown, and the weather making it challenging to enjoy our usual daily walks, we have decided to focus on what would actually make us feel better, not in weeks, not tomorrow but. Right. Now.

It is in these times that we go back to one special ally: our imagination. Our imagination can, in fact, be a useful tool against any form of uneasiness and particularly so for alleviating the stress caused by the current circumstances. Today we recommend some of our favourite ways to escape reality as we find a safe haven between the comforting walls of the following activities…

1- The first stop of our journey sees us attending a zoom lecture. Now don’t give us that face, no one hates online learning as much as us. It’s boring, pointless and aren’t we all tired of the whole “hey, can everyone hear me OK?”

However, Stella Grace Lyons – Art History Lectures and Tours– is something else. Stella is a professional history of art lecturer based in Cardiff. Her online lectures give you 40 minutes or so of pure bliss looking at the works of art of some of the most interesting artists of our time and not. I had the chance to see Stella twice, once last year at the Penarth Pavilion for her lecture on Edward Hopper, and a few weeks ago on zoom for her Hieronymus Bosch’s one: she has a way with words that not many speakers have, for half an hour or so, you will easily forget where you are and, in these challenging times, escape to a better, much simpler world.

Image courtesy of Stylist.co.uk

2- Our second stop takes us somewhere a bit more metropolitan. This one is particularly suitable to those of you who miss the city life, the ‘hub’, and London. Stylist is running a two-day event filled with inspirational talks, webinars and the most interesting voices of our time including Jameela Jamil. Click here to find out more.

3- Our third activity is for those who find in literature a powerful remedy to anything from sadness to boredom. We are not saying you should read a book or two, we are saying you should not only read a book but also share it with a community of like-minded people who will have an opinion, a voice and something they can’t wait to express about it. I have been a member of several book clubs during the past years and Cardiff Book Talk has been one of my favourites. They recently turned to remote meetings on zoom and their next one is in December. Don’t miss it!

Do you want to recommend your favourite activity to escape a little from lockdown’s boredom? Email info@misssquiggles.com today.