Hello, hello, it’s been a little while hasn’t it! I know we promised that we would jump back in on Monday with all the new features we have been busy working on but I couldn’t resist hopping back in to wish you a lovely weekend – also, quick reminder that if you are reading this, you have smashed the first week of January – we’ve so got this. This week has been busy getting back into a work routine and embracing the year ahead – from the recipe I want to try at the weekend to the book I want to order to get into a good mindset for the New Year, I thought I would share my Three Beautiful Things of The Week. What are yours?

The Fancy Cheese on Toast Recipe

If you’re doing Veganuary – look away now! Let’s face it, this week has been full-on and cold so, in my view, the weekend calls for some comfort food. I spotted this on Instagram and whilst super simple, I think it’s a good way to use up any left-over cheese from the festive season and, crucially, make minimal effort in the kitchen. A delicious treat which leaves enough time for binge-watching Netflix in my cosies? That’s a winner for me. The below is via @thecheesepoet.

The Self-Care Resource

Personally, I love a January Resolution. Give it my all in work? Check. Exercise four times a week? Added to the list. Healthy Eating? I have 10 tabs open on my Safari app with recipe ideas. The actual completion of all these resolutions is a different story but the element of promise of January is something I actively subscribe to every single year. With all this in mind and despite my best intentions, it is evident that this approach can actively lead to feeling frazzled 6 days into the month. To counteract this and still get the feeling of achievement of completing tasks, I loove the idea of Florence & Beau’s Self-Care Bingo. Let’s be honest, after a week spent looking at reports and juggling careers / family / relationship / everything under the sun, we could all do with a reminder to drink some water, take half an hour do do some exercise. The options to engage in some self-care of your choice can help the little things feel a little more special which, in my view, helps the month of January and the start of the year feel a little softer and less daunting.

The New Book I want To Buy

Blame it on omicron, the new restrictions in Wales or the exhaustion of the last year or so but over Christmas, I have been back into a stable relationship with reading (new post incoming on my latest favourite reads!). Manifestation is a massive buzz-word at the moment and I’m curious to find out more about the thinking behind it. Roxie Nafousi’s Manifest was published yesterday and has already sold out on Amazon. Going to pop an order in and report back – I’m definitely on the look out for more reads in 2022 so if you have any recommendations, hit me with them. Picture below is via @roxienafousi.

So there, we have it – first week of the year? We’ve smashed it baby. I hope your weekend is full of joyful things that make you happy and if it isn’t yet, scroll up, refer to the self-care bing and REPEAT. REPEAT. REPEAT.

Have a good weekend – sending virtual hugs.