To me, there is no such thing as too much Austen: I would read, watch, eat or inhale any shape, form or rendition, you pick. Yet, in the past years, it has been difficult to find an Austen-inspired production that was engaging, let alone, refreshing. That’s the thing with classics, it’s hard to play with them and create something original, as they are so beloved just as they are.

Isobel McArthur’s “Pride & Prejudice, sort of” has the potential to become just as treasured as Miss Austen’s original. The production stands on its own feet for its audacity, vibrance and eclectic performances.

If you are not familiar with the plot, here’s the gist of it: in Hertfordshire, Elizabeth Bennet and her four sisters worry about finding suitable matches so not to end up destitute in the sexist Regency society of the time. Unlike her sisters, Elizabeth wants to marry for love: Enter, Mr. Darcy.

“Pride & Prejudice, sort of” takes the main elements of Austen’s masterpiece and turn them into something truly wonderful. Have a look at our 3 reasons why you should go watch it now:

  1. “Pride & Prejudice, sort of” is as close as possible to the original but also contemporary. It’s seriously for everyone from Austen purists to Austen negationists out there (who will most definitely fall in love and read Pride and Prejudice cover to cover after this, or watch the movie, that’s fine too).
  2. An eclectic performance: these wonderful ladies act, sing, play piano, flute, guitar, etc…, dance, switch characters quickly and effortlessly and are a pure joy to watch on stage. Their timing is impeccable and it’s hard to pick a favourite as they all stand proudly in their role bringing something different and equally important to the final performance. Last night we saw Lucy Gray, Dannie Harris, Megan Louise Wilson, Leah Jamieson and Ruth Brotherton.
  3. Great writing. I was not familiar with Isobel McArthur before but her writing makes the difference in an already impeccably delivered production. I would definitely love to see more of her work.

Finally, the best thing is you don’t need pre-existing knowledge of the Austen universe to enjoy the show but if you do, you will truly have a wonderful time. If there’s a truth universally acknowledged is that, us, Jane Austen purists still welcome a fresh perspective and “Pride & Prejudice, sort of,” definitely brings that to the table.

Don’t miss “Pride & Prejudice, sort of!” at The New Theatre in Cardiff only until Saturday 25th March.

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