Artful Retreats, the international art therapy retreat organiser, has hosted over the past six years, art
therapy retreats for people investing in their mental health and wellness in beautiful surroundings in
Greece, Switzerland and Singapore.

As lockdowns, quarantines gradually ease for some, although still in place for others, the aim is to
break free from fear, emotional challenges and aftershocks caused by the pandemic. Why not take a
trip to mindfulness with Artful Retreats at the Bleverde Estate just outside the town of Chania.
Discover your inner strength, work on your mental and body wellbeing in beautiful surroundings!
For this autumn, Artful Retreats, is organizing two; one of four days (4) and one of six (6) on the island
of Crete in the secluded village of Gavalochori tucked away in the mountains and sea views which
work as an inspiration for the retreat guests.

Artful Retreats are based on art therapy principles aiming to assist participants explore their emotional
state. Art making, is an ancient Greek remedy which has the power to facilitate and process difficult
emotions and thoughts whilst gaining new perspectives.

Through fun, gentle creative directives, retreat participants are guided to create, observe and self-
reflect within a small, closed group of people from all around the world sharing different experiences!
On the first day, Artful Retreats welcome participants at around 3pm at the estate. Airport pickups are
organised for a comfortable arrival. After settling in, a two (2) hour fun and playful art session takes
place followed by an alfresco welcome dinner.

Guests are invited to discover the estate’s lush gardens and fresh pools and still have free time to
relax by the pool or in spacious luxurious private rooms equipped with comfortable beds and mattress
specifically chosen to offer great sleep and relaxation, tasteful light furnishing and en-suite bathrooms
with finely perfumed toiletry amenities.

Every day starts with soft yoga postures under silver green olives trees, followed by mouthwatering
breakfasts and playful art making sessions.
The rest of the days are rolling in a soft rhythm, starting with yoga and including up to six (6) hours of
art making and group discussions per day.

Meals during the retreat are small culinary healthy festivities for participants to enjoy and recharge
and be social. Carefully chosen local ingredients and recipes are the base of all the delicious meals
served at the retreat.

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