It has been an interesting year for Barbie. Following Margot Robbie’s performance last July, our favourite doctor, astronaut and racing driver has truly been at the top of her game with Mattel’s profits soaring to $125 million last year only. Today London’s most dynamic museum – The Design Museum- offers what can only be summarised as the exhibition of the summer. “Barbie: The Exhibition” is a homage to Barbie’s history yes, but most importantly, to the innovation and trendsetting personality that characterises the doll, and, naturally, the brand.

Far from ‘museumifying’ Barbie, the exhibition looks at Barbie’s story through the creative lens including fashion, architecture, furniture and vehicle design. It’s dynamic, bright and just enough nostalgic.

Here are our 3 Reasons Why you shouldn’t miss it:

  1. Over 250 objects displayed including 180 beautiful dolls. Think Barbie’s dream house, her van and just the most beautiful pink furniture you could ever wish for as a child.
  1. A Rare First Edition Barbie from 1959 which was a true showstopper.
  1. The first Barbie taken into space by Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. The doll spent six months orbiting the Earth on the International Space Nation in 2022 as part of a landmark mission. Testament to Mattel for being always showing our younger generations that if Barbie can, so can they.

The exhibition will be available from 5th July 2024 to 23rd February 2025 at The Design Museum.