Following what happened in the US, and by ‘what’, we mean, an unarmed black man being knelt on the neck by a police officer to the point of death, it would be inconceivable for our team not to acknowledge the gravity of the situation and play our part. More, more, more needs to be done and, if much like us, you don’t know where to start, we are only a click away from a savvy social media community ready to educate us and provide answers. We have turned our attention to social where some wonderful individuals are sharing invaluable resources aimed at educating us all on how to show our support and take a stand – neutrality is not an option. White privilege is real, tangible, we can see it, perceive it, sense it… – if you don’t, we suggest you have a look at what Brittany from itsbritsway shared on her Instagram yesterday. Video below for more information, via @itsbritsway.

In the meantime, if you live in the UK, here’s what you can do to share your support, (post via Das. Penman):

Click on the picture for more details.
Click on the picture for more details

As we said, silence and apathy are not an option. For this reason, as a small business, we vow to educate ourselves, donate and, going forward, offer this platform to hold space for the black community to share their stories, showcase their businesses, shape the conversation (please do get in touch if this is of interest). As a result, for the next week we will not be posting further articles on this platform. We hope you, our readers, will join us in donating, educating ourselves and truly reflecting on how we can contrast racism and be compassionate friends, people, business-owners, creators and, most importantly, human beings.

With love,

The Squiggles Team X