A new book from Museum of Youth Culture – journeying the unique styles,
music and family life of Great Britain through the last century.
Call out from Museum of Youth Culture for photographs and memorabilia to create a
nationwide photo album celebrating what it means to be young in Britain over the last
hundred years.

Thousands of treasured photographs and pieces of ephemera have already been
submitted online to the Museum of Youth Culture (MOYC) -Grown Up in Britain
campaign – which has been on display in the various pop-up stores and exhibitions
spaces this year. Now there is a call out to become part of a new book planned for the issue in December 2021.
Founder of MOYC Jon Swinstead comments, “We started this campaign around two
years ago and the public have answered in droves with some amazing images. All
have a unique story to tell which spark emotions and conversations when they are
on display”. He continues, “We can not wait to see what other gems the public will
submit – if one good thing came from lockdown, it was the chance to look through
shoeboxes and dig out hidden memories and share them.”
Putting ink to paper for the first time, the Museum of Youth Culture proudly
launches a crowdfunding campaign featuring,‘ Grown Up in Britain’ a 60 page 12” x
10” hardback nationwide photo-album journeying through 100 years (1920 to 2020)
of the ‘highs and throes’ of British Youth Culture history.
Designed like a patchwork quilt of collective memories, ‘Grown Up in Britain’
travels page-by-page through the common themes that bring us all together.
The Museum believes that a nationwide photo album is not complete without the
public’s help and there is still the opportunity to have your picture in print.

Registered in England & Wales No. 09680751
VAT No. GB 255810895
Registered Address: YOUTH CLUB c/o Printworks, Surrey Quays Road, London, SE16 7PJ
Time to start searching in the back of cupboards or scrapbooks for awkward
teenage photos or treasured ticket stubs that are evocative of a special moment. Dig
out those cringe instants and fond memories and become part of a collective story of
being Grown Up in Britain. MOYC will launch a series of public workshops throughout August at their pop up
store and exhibition space, 57 Carnaby Street, London including live scrapbooking
events and talks promoting ‘Grown Up in Britain’ and inviting people of all ages to
join the Museum and get published in the upcoming book.
‘Grown Up in Britain’ book will be available for pre-order at the price of £20 for the
first copy and £10 each for copies thereafter, coupled with a variety of exciting
bundles including limited 10” x 8” C-Type lab prints, fold-out posters and eco-friendly
cotton screen-printed book-bags. There will be the option to choose your own unique
pledge, which will help fundraise towards the MOYC permanent space and make a
memory a legacy. Shipping of pledges is expected in October in time for Christmas
Jon Swinstead remarks, “We have had great support with people donating their time
helping fundraise for a bricks and mortar Museums across the UK in Birmingham,
London and hubs across the UK – the funds from this book will add to this. These
Museum of Youth Culture spaces will chronicle the importance of the rich fabric of
social history in Britain”.
To get involved and secure a copy of this limited edition – go to
https://shop.museumofyouthculture.com/grown-up-in-britain-book/ .
Plus for a chance to win a free copy of the book share the project with the hashtag