Here at Miss Squiggles, there is nothing that makes us happier than London Fashion Week;

Seeing the latest collections, spotting the new trends and admiring what our favourite celebrities and influencers have been wearing is one of our favourite September moments.

London Fashion Week Women’s S/S 2019 has been our favourite yet and here’s why.

Victoria Beckham

We loved her since her Spice Girls time. We have copied her black heels, black dress look (with a mixture of results) and now we can’t help but celebrate her 10 years of career as well as her stunning collection. With her immaculate aesthetics and bold colours, the new collection was a perfect summary of the genius (yes, we used the word genius) that is Victoria Beckham. Modern, elegant, the Victoria Beckham Woman is not afraid to try a different colour, shape or design; she knows what she wants but, most importantly, who she is. Who knew a skirt could tell so much about the woman wearing it…


We expected amazing things from the man who made Burberry fur-free and re-designed its iconic logo and Riccardo Tisci didn’t disappoint. There was something slightly Italian in Tisci’s approach to the new Spring/Summer fashion collection which added a little-polished glam to the Burberry spirit. The way we see it is that after years of trying, Burberry has finally found someone capable of globalizing its style bringing its pleated skirts and trench coats to the 21st century. Good or bad, next season will be the judge. In the meantime, one question remains unanswered, has Tisci finally managed to re-invent Burberry?

Richard Quinn

We can’t help but feel very close to Richard Quinn. He is not only an incredibly talented designer, even boasting Queen Elizabeth as his number one fan, but also a young man who believes in the importance of arts education and uses his position to do something about it.

Quinn’s show was, probably, the only catwalk with a front row full of art students from the London state schools he attended, as well as print students from Central Saint Martins.

“At a time when real damage is occurring to arts education, I want to point to how substantially its creative power lights the path to our future,” Quinn wrote in the show notes. “Celebrating the community I come from is important to me, and thanking British art education for the fact that I am in business today.”

Aggressive, bold prints were, as usual, the wow factory of Quinn’s show and they were perfectly complemented by both the midnight-blue thunderstorm projected onto the wall and Rossini’s The Storm performed by the London Philarmonic Orchestra.

The show has been described as being “glamorous, Gatsby-esque and innovative” and we couldn’t agree more. It was a powerful feast for both the eyes and the ears.

Have a look at these beautiful pictures by Jamie Baker and let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

Happy Sunday!

Rose X