Miss Squiggles had some incredible experiences in 2014. It has been a year to remember and certainly a socially active year where we had intensive networking nights, highly (non) judging brunching mornings and just fun, way too much fun.

From the Polo to show reviews, London Fashion Week, great brands and fabulous interviews, we had a wonderful time and year.

We can’t begin to thank you all enough for your extraordinary support and we can’t wait to go to London next year for the UK Blog Awards. It’s such an honour to have been shortlisted and it’s all because of you, you lovely bunch.

Enough with the emotional chit-chat now, have a look at Miss Squiggles’ favourite moments from 2014…

In 2014…

1) We went all Bianco


…and it was perfect…Bianco was one of the most beautiful shows we had ever seen. It was amazing to be part of something so enchanting and absolutely great. Have a look at what we wrote about it by clicking here.

2) We saw EcoLuxe


Ecoluxe was one of the highlights of the year as well as part of London Fashion Week. We loved every single show and we were incredibly proud to be part of such a worthy cause such as eco-friendly fashion. Want to find out more about our article on Ecoluxe? Have a look here.

 3) and Only Men Aloud


We went to see the fabulous Only Men Aloud and got to interview the equally fabulous David Mahoney. Have a look at our review here or check out our Only Men Aloud’s interview here.

4) We stayed @ The Queensberry


We went to one of Miss Squiggles’ favourite places in the entire world: We went to Bath for the Red Magazine Event and we stayed at the Queensberry Hotel, the quirkiest, loveliest boutique hotel ever.

Click here to find out more.

 5) We spent a Sunday @ Jo Malone’s


It was heaven-like. We had one peaceful morning filled with the most beautiful products and fragrances Miss Squiggles had ever tried. Find out more here

6) We gave a speech @ the BlogConf


We met lovely people and talented bloggers, we had cupcakes and gave a talk about the relationship between PR & bloggers…find out more by clicking here.

7) We went all glamorous at the Plaza…


We had the best afternoon tea in town courtesy of the Park Plaza Cardiff for Breast Cancer Month. Find out more now, have a look here.

 8) We went to our first Polo Match


and we had such a great time. Have a look at what we did by clicking here.

9) We interviewed people about their First Kiss


…and got to share Miss Squiggles’ first kiss. We interviewed one gorgeous love expert and one fab vlogger to celebrate World Kiss Day. Find out more now…click here.

10) We danced the night away at the Casablanca


We had a magical night, danced, laughed and…read more here.

Here’s to another wonderful year. Here’s to 2015,

Have a passionate, magical and full of life 2015.



Miss Squiggles