Even in difficult times, where our heads and bodies feel weighed with uncertainty, there are certain smells that can instantly ground us. For me, it always goes back to YSL’s Elle. Two drops and I’m instantly uplifted, increasingly aware and certainly more prepared for the day ahead. It’s the scent of job interviews, first dates, presentations – I often joke that, to me, it’s the kind of perfume worn by a woman who gets a pay rise, a new boyfriend and kills it at a lunchtime meeting – all in the same day. It’s inherently powerful, slightly masculine in scent but also unapologetically female with its bright pink bottle and bold detailing. That’s the beauty of perfume; its deeply evocative nature… deep breath in, eyes closed and its only a matter of seconds until the memories rush back.

The scent of just-brewed coffee beans? Home. Freshly-cut grass and white cotton sheets hung up to dry? Childhood summers. A cloud of tobacco? The tarmac area of some club in our twenties. Dior Home? First dates and promise. Whilst incredibly superficial, a quick spritz of perfume in the morning has helped maintain some kind of normality. Two drops, a coffee and we’re at our desk, wading through the exhausting treacle-like nature of these lockdown days ready to bring a little lightness to our readers. We have loved compiling a Fragrance Edit for this Monday morning – after all, Spring is finally here and what better excuse to switch up our fragrance shelf? From the deeply evocative scents of holidays gone-by to affordable fragrances (yes, perfume made by queen Jo Malone for under £30!), we hope you love our selection. What’s your go-to scent at the moment?

It may be a little while until our next holiday but a single spray of Fico di Amalfi and we’re swimming in aquamarine seas (courtesy of the gorgeous bottle which looks great in the bathroom/dressing table!), eating a plate of fresh pasta and chasing the early afternoon light with a glass of ice-cold white.

Beachwalk? Sailing Day? Flower Market? Even at home, these much-loved activities are at the touch of a bottle with Replica’s Memory Box Fragrance Gift Set. A journey through perfume, if you will. One where you don’t even have to leave the house.

A collaboration between inspirational entrepreneur, Jo Malone, and high-street giant, Zara, is something that doesn’t happen everyday. Luxe minimal-inspired packaging, under £30 and prepared by the queen of perfume herself? We’re oh-so sold.

Wishing you a healthy, happy and productive new week – we’ve got this ladies.


The Squiggles Team X